Therapy Testimonials

“My decision to work with Derek using a combination of mindfulness based stress relief and therapy has been one of my best decisions. Derek’s technical knowledge and experience, focus and empathy have helped me to manage crisis, acute anxiety and challenging life circumstances. His capacity to bring about self awareness and relational competency is invaluable and is transformative for me across all my relationships. I cannot recommend him highly enough and am indebted to his outstanding work.

“Derek is is a ninja at helping you to see your own role in relationship problems without actually beating you up mentally. Anyone who works with him got super lucky.”

“I went to see Derek, because I was suffering from recurrent depression. Despite extremely difficult and painful sessions sometimes, I always felt safe and supported and not judged in any way. And Derek’s natural sense of humour did help especially at the end of those sessions 🙂
His approach is holistic, and I will never thank him enough for introducing me to Mindfulness meditation through his 8 weeks course, and for all the reading recommendations he offered me. It literally changed my life, the way I was seeing and thinking.
When I decided it was time to stop therapy, I was equipped with new tools to help me stay on course. I felt stronger and a little bit wiser ;-). And I still do. Thank you, Derek, for believing in me and what I could do :-).”

“I met Derek at a time when I was really struggling with a relapse in depression. His evidence-based approaches in CBT and MBCT were crucial for me when the typical talk therapy route with other lay counsellors was not working. He helped me set goals and practice practical skills that empowered me to get well and stay well. I highly recommend investing in your mental health and meeting with Derek.”

Mindfulness Course Testimonies

“Derek’s course was just what was needed to get me on course to a more balanced life. I felt it was especially helpful while living in Phnom Penh with the added challenges and overwhelm that sometimes came with the lifestyle and the bustling city. I came to appreciate life.”

“The mindfulness course I did with Derek has helped me reduce my stress and anxiety significantly, while getting through some periods of serious personal difficulties in my life. The course requires some commitment, but has increased my quality of life and interpersonal relationships in the years since I took it with lasting benefit. The habits I learned during the course give me something to lean against, both in my daily life, and during periods of personal challenge. It also taught me to ‘speak’ kindly to myself and has helped me overcome years of difficulty falling asleep”

”Derek’s course is a thoughtfully designed and very practical introduction to mindfulness. The combination of useful instruction, guided meditation and group discussions really worked well for what can be a difficult, often abstract, set of ideas to learn. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to learn more about mindfulness.”

“I found Derek’s mindfulness course to be very helpful.  It was the first time I experienced mindfulness and it was beneficial course that I would highly recommend for anyone seeking to be more present and peaceful.”

“I took the Mindfulness Course under Derek’s supervision a few years ago and found it very helpful in having greater mental clarity and focus. Over time, I find myself easing into any one of the exercises like muscle memory. It helps me manage my anxiety by remembering to be in the present”