I am a UK trained Clinical Psychologist registered with the UK Health Care Professions Council. I’ve been working in the mental health field for 17 years.

Clinical Psychologists are comprehensively trained in the psychology of individuals and groups. On average it takes 8-9 years of study and evaluated clinical practice to qualify. This includes an undergraduate degree and a 3 year Doctorate during which trainees rotate through several different placements working with people with common mental health problems at all stages of the lifespan from children through to older adults. My training also included specialist placements, Neuropsychology and Organisational Psychology. The training concludes with the submission and defense of a 40000 word dissertation.

After 12 years with the UK National Health Service (NHS), I left in 2013 when a welcome and unexpected opportunity came up to work abroad. I jumped at the chance of an adventure in Cambodia. Since then, I met my wife and we are happily settled here in Phnom Penh.